Keiser Report: Economic Euthanasia

Keiser Report: Economic Euthanasia (E145)


I think there is no doubt that the US economy is precariously close to the brink of system-wide catastrophic failure. The Wiemar Republic in 1923 would be the nearest example of what will happen. But, it will be much worse. The circumstances are different and the global power elite banksters have intentionally created this impending doom. They wish to destroy the economy of America; they wish to destroy America.

I can hear the denials and ad hominem attacks and charges of conspiracy theorist and paranoid, or similar such puerile crap from people who are afraid to think for themselves. I really don’t give a shit what people think anymore, I don’t think I ever did. So, since it matters not what you think about me, then I will tell you what you “need” to do in order to perhaps salvage something: Buy gold, buy silver, buy food, buy all the stuff you will need to survive; that is, while your Federal Reserve notes can still be exchanged for merchandise.

This Ponzi scam called the Federal Reserve System will be unwound eventually, the only question is when. Bernanke is just a front-man, a carnival-barker, a pitch-man, a LIAR, nothing more. He is there to calm you and convince you to go back to your luxurious cabin onboard the Titanic.



… MrSilvergoldsilver’s Channel is hilarous and extremely informative:

Part 6- The Paper Silver Manipulation Game at all time Highs



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