Will Jim McCanney get whacked?

Posted by James M. McCanney on his website:


April 25, 2011 posting … my weekly radio show for april 21, 2011 is now posted on the archive page … i gave an important comet elenin update … i have determined that NASA and its hosts of associated “outreach” nurds are involved in a massive internet disinformation campaign to entrap me into being the brunt of a bad joke … as i found out more i discovered that this has been going on for some time … luckily i am on to the “gig” … here is how it is working .. NASA and the disinfo crew (remember the programmers from the promise software government program that migrated into misinforming the public with the phony Planet-X misinformation campaign of 2003 (remember crazy lady talks to aliens and planet x was supposed to destroy the earth on may 15, 2003) and who were integrally involved in the murder of the heavens gate group in california during the comet hale-bopp era … yes this was a mass murder not a mass suicide) … well they are at it again but this time it is with a comet called comet elenin with NASA taking the lead … web sites have been set up to “interpret” my work and make all kinds of bizarre claims using my name in attempts to scare the public … listen to my show and learn … i will be covering this on future shows as i learn more about who the “players” are … this is important as it shows how desperate these nurds are to try and defame me … my success with the public must be rubbing a few people in high places the wrong way … oh well … i guess i will have to do more to vex them … for example i am taking time out of my busy schedule of advancing prime number pattern research based on my book “calculate primes” as we have recently come to the conclusion that the secret societies of international bankers that operate our federal government have been using prime numbers and numerology to plan “events” like 911 and the Japanese earthquakes of 3/11 exactly 6 months after the 911 “sacred date” … they were using prime numbers possibly for the entire last century to plan wars and other “events” such as stock market crashes etc etc … they used them of course because since they thought prime numbers were random and unpredictable that no one could catch on to their patterns of “sacred dates” … with my new ability to analyze prime numbers their cover will soon be blown … i also talked about recent severe weather on my show this week among other topics including the 9 lost minutes from last week’s show that were chopped right out of the air waves and internet feed on the original thursday night airing as i talked about the original and true origin of the Kolbrin and the secret society efforts to steal and change the valuable historical contents of that book … if you missed the live broadcasts be sure to catch the archive (scroll down to the archive link) … also i noted that at this time the Universal Pre-Filter is still in stock and available … jim mccanney


… So, why do I post this stuff? I have been reading Jim McCanney’s research for about 7 years. I find his explanations regarding the electric solar system and especially the plasma discharge comet model to be compelling. His arguments regarding the true electrical nature of our galaxy make sense. He has a better track record of predicting severe weather worldwide than those idiots at the National Weather Service. Do I think he will be whacked by some black op MOSSAD or MI6 or CIA/NSA assassin or contractor? NO, I think the global elite will attempt to destroy his credibility and destroy his work. Once he is out of the picture, then who knows? But, I believe McCanney is too smart for the evil ones at Ft. Meade.  Comet Elenin is an interesting story. Well worth looking into.


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2 Responses to Will Jim McCanney get whacked?

  1. Charlotte says:

    I certainly hope Uncle Jimmy doesn’t get “whacked”. We need him.

  2. krossbeem says:

    The only problem I have with McCanney is his relationship with George Noory at Coast-to-Coast-AM. Noory is the number one alternative talk show host, but, more than once it has been asserted that Mr. Noory is somehow connected with Naval Intelligence. Now, if that is true, then is that bad or good? No way to confirm this information at this time.

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