WAKE UP, it’s almost 2013, pick a side …

Randy Maugans seems to have figured it out:


I predict rapid deterioration of the economy and society from January 1st, 2013, forward.
Sandy Hook is just another in a timeline of false-flag atrocities perpetrated by the Illuminati, or the
Bankster Elite, or dark entities, or whomever or whatever you wish to blame. But, in the end, the only one
you have to blame, is yourself.

Look for rapid increase in gold and silver spot prices as well as $200 – $300 per barrel crude oil immediately after
the psychopaths running Israel / U.S. / U.K. invade Syria which is simply a strategic precursor to their ultimate goal of conquering Iran. I’ll wager the Persians have a nasty surprise planned for the evil scum-bags in Washington, District of Criminals. I will also wager that Russia and China have their response canned and ready to implement.

The satan-worshiping trolls are running scared and they are desperate, which makes them particularly dangerous.

The FEMA death camps are getting hungry.

Wake up !!!


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