False-Flag imminent



Well, if you live long enough, you get to see it all. Anyway, other than the spooks that record and analyze every keystroke … NO ONE, apparently, reads this blog. So, I’ll say what I wish.

Jim Fetzer provides some rather clear insight into the psychopathy that
permeates the Global Elite’s mindset. Fetzer and his co-author speculate
that a False Flag event involving the supposedly scrapped USS Vincennes
is well underway:


… Anyway, my viewpoint is that the Strait of Hormuz is not quite as
critical, in reality, as the media will have you believe. Never forget that
warfare is based on deception. While we are busy focusing on the Middle East
and the Strait of Hormuz, one does not pay attention to the fact that there
are numerous untapped, or under-tapped, massive crude oil reservoirs underneath
the United States: Bakken, Eagle-Ford, Prudhoe Bay & Gull Island, just to name
a few. American oil companies are positioning for a new oil boom to arrive
just in the ‘nick-of-time’ to SAVE America AFTER all Hell breaks loose in the
Persian Gulf, and AFTER crude oil skyrockets to $200 or $300 per barrel, OR MORE.

Gee, do you think that the oil companies are just maybe, perhaps, kinda-a-sorta smart
enough to plan just such an evil scenario ? Naaaaaaa, that would be nothing
but a theoretical conspiracy. So, just don’t think about, and wait for the
Super Bowl !     …  Yipeeeeeee !!!

The new proposed Hyperion Energy oil refinery near Elk Point, SD, is scheduled to
break ground this year, perhaps by Spring, 2012. We’ll see, but I have stated
several times, that NO NEW refinery will be built in the United States until
crude oil prices rise above at least $150 per barrel …. MINIMUM.

What’cha wanna bet ???


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