America: WAKE UP !

I wrote this essay on August 24, 2010, but it is still quite relevant:



This “government” is owned and controlled by foreign banks. Period.

The office of the president is a puppet office. The “president” does not dictate policy, he carries out orders. Period.

There is no Left, there is no Right. It only exists in your mind.

Communism, fascism, socialism, marxism, capitalism, collectivism, etc., are simply ideological constructs manufactured by the International banksters, i.e., the Global Illuminati.

The Hegelian Dialectic is in full swing here.

The Illuminati know that 45% of the people will gravitate to the “left” and 45% will gravitate to the “right” thus setting the stage for planned conflict. As David Icke said: “They don’t care which side you’re on, as long as you pick a side.” This is the false left-right paradigm.


America is not a country, it is vehicle, a means to an end, an investment, an experiment, etc.

ONCE the banking establishment have moved the bulk of the manufacturing sector to Brazil, Russia, India, and especially China, and especially heavy industries such as the automobile manufacturing sector and their tier 1 suppliers, then the banksters will loot the remaining true wealth of America, then murder the middle class because they are no longer needed. America has now become a liability. Once the genocide is complete, then the country will be carved up into at least five regions, then handed over to various Illuminati families defined along functional and geographical demarcations. Have you ever wondered why the FICO credit score system is really used? Your credit score is not a measure of your ability to gain credit, i.e., a measure of your creditworthiness; no, your FICO score represents your value to the banksters!

The US Dollar is being intentionally destroyed ACCORDING TO THEIR PLAN !!!!!

Obama is simply the latest stooge paraded on stage for the idiot public to swoon over. Obama is no better than any of the Bush clan. They all work for the same master. Webster Tarpley pegged Obama from Day One: Obama was selected not to provide racial cohesion, but to provide racial division. Obama’s skin color is being used as a shield against any and all challenges to government policy. If you disagree with anything Obama says, then you MUST be a racist, or some such puerile idiotic nonsense. If you oppose Obamacare, you are a racist; if you disagree with the stimulus bills, then you must be a racist; if you question why he hired nothing but lobbyists, after he promised during the election campaign he would hire no lobbyists for his administration, you’re a racist; and, not only did Obama NOT end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as he had promised, but he EXPANDED both wars, started a new war in Pakistan, and now says it may be several YEARS before the wars are ended. Nor has he closed Guantanamo Bay or closed down Abu Grahib, and the dozens of secret CIA torture prisons all over the world. Do you remember the video clips of Obama stating that Congress will get at least five days to read a bill? Well, when the stimulus bill was voted on back in February, 2009, the Congress had less than a day to read 900 pages of text; AND THEN, in the final two hours of Congressional debate (I watched this live on C-SPAN, by the way), a 200 pages amendment was distributed, then a vote was demanded. NO ONE WAS ABLE TO READ THE ENTIRE BILL. NO ONE. Why was Obama so anxious to get that particular bill passed? Go read the bill. In many ways it’s worse than the Patriot Act, which was another bill rammed through Congress in record time in October of 2001, mostly because Cheney threatened that the next “terrorist” attack would be blamed on Congress. In other words, their scare tactics have not changed. All of these bills are eerily similar to the laws passed by Hitler in the wake of the Reichstag fire immediately after Hitler took office, and in the years following. Remember that I have said over and over that regardless of who the Illuminati select as “President,” the policies will never change and the agenda will move forward without missing a beat. The last real president was JFK — he challenged the Illuminati, but he underestimated their evil, and their vengeance.

I could go on and on and on. But you know the drill. Either you see what is happening or you don’t. Either you choose to live in denial, or you open your eyes. EVENTUALLY, the US Dollar will be eliminated, then a new fiat currency regime will be created. Your purchasing power will diminish by at least 50%, and maybe by as much as 90%. But, the loss of purchasing power parity will be the least of our worries. The loss of economic primacy will also mean a loss of military primacy; even today, most of our crack combat troops (including half of our National Guard) are fighting in the Middle East — this is not by mistake. THEN, USNORTHCOM announces 400,000 troops (most of which are foreign NATO troops) to support Homeland Security including deployment of 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. The 1st BCT flew straight from Falluja, Iraq, were they had honed their skills in murdering, torturing, and raping Iraqi citizens; now, the 1st BCT is here in America.  ….. Ask yourself: …. WHY?

FEMA is part of the DHS; DHS is now part of USNORTHCOM. USNORTHCOM, the United States Northern Command is the command structure under DoD Pentagon control that will execute the final solution – to carry out the planned genocide. DoD Command Structures are only set up in theaters of military operation. You must ask yourself: Why is there a central military Command on American soil ????? Their purpose is to direct military operations in a given region of the world. The banksters have set up the martial law apparatus here in America, complete with FEMA death camps, and USNORTHCOM will be in charge of the martial law military government that is only months away from being implemented.









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