August 16, 2011 posting … EMERGENCY POSTING ……………….. by Jim McCanney

August 16, 2011 posting … EMERGENCY POSTING … WHY THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO SHUT OFF YOUR ELECTRIC POWER … i just finishing reading the latest reports on the state of the US economy and two things are clear … the USA is on the brink of its final throws of economic collapse … this was not by accident but has been a methodical war waged in washington by the bureaucratic puppets we call congress and the president … they are puppets of the international banking community which has targeted the USA as the final land to “fall” before complete world-wide one world government can take place … the USA was saved until last because it was needed to take down the rest of the world physically and economically before they took down the USA as the last stronghold of a functional economic society … the second point is that along with the collapse of the USA economy will come immense civil unrest … it is on the brink of that state right now … but as with any civil unrest scenarios that take to the streets it will be easy for the controlling elite to send their hired goons into the fray as “actors” to make sure the public demonstrations become good and violent … but the masses … even with an invading foreign army will be very hard to control … in spite of efforts to disarm the USA and compared to other countries … the US public remains armed to the teeth and many people are prepared to wait it out for extended periods of time thanks to my web page and many others like it … BUT how do you stop all activity ??? its easy … one would simply unplug electricity to stop all activity and functionality to our tattered society … the “planners” in their think tanks already have learned from staging other “naturally occurring events” such as hurricanes – earth quakes and tsunamis to name a few … it will be far more convenient to stage a “natural event” to bring down the US power grid … i see this coming as sure as you are reading this page right now … the public disinformation campaign started some time ago culminating with NASA reporting recently that “within the next solar cycle we are sure to have a complete melt down of our power grid due to a solar flare” … this prediction could be interpreted as simply a NASA ploy for funding … BUT … it is a wolf hidden in sheep’s clothing … there is no scientific basis for imagining that the current solar cycle # 24 is any larger or more dangerous than any other in recorded history … in fact it arrived very late with extremely low (record breaking low) sun spot activity and is at best “average” … so why all the fan fare NASA … well it seems that NASA’s news release spin machine is working now in conjunction with its owners the european banks (see my many shows and book commentary regarding “who owns science”) … and their goal is to put the final nails in the coffin of what we once called the United States of America … all the states are now officially bankrupt or on the verge of financial collapse … the homeland security web reaches down through the states to the local police forces … and the people are being tossed into the streets at a rate never seen before in history including during the Great Depression … that was not an accident and neither is the current financial collapse … only this time you are going to lose your country over it … but none of this can happen without an “event” so powerful that it will shut down every living creature and activity in the country … one could imagine all kinds of scenarios … bio attack … weather bombing … a staged terrorist attack on a nuclear facility … the list is long and distinguished … BUT … NONE OF THEM … I REPEAT … NONE OF THEM … hold the capacity to take down every square inch of this country … like a power outage of full scale proportions … everything everything everything depends on electricity … very few people can sustain any activity without electricity … any of the other methods would never shut down all activity … in fact people in a bio or nuclear radiation (dirty bomb) attach just might go berserk and be far from controllable … so what is the scenario … i discussed this in on my recent radio show of august 11, 2011 (see radio archive sub-page to hear that broadcast) … but it is so important that i have to reiterate it here in writing … here is the scenario … congress and the president of course will be pre-warned as will many “important people” through secret memos that will have them in the right place at the right time (many will not know specifically that this is underway) … i suspect it will be preceded by an economic collapse such as a black friday or monday on the stock market and also before investors in silver and gold “certificates” would be able to cash out as metal prices skyrocketed … this would allow carefully selected financial centers and people … the “elite” … to suck all the money out of the economy just before the “event” … all of this will come with a NASA announcement of a large solar flare such as an X-class solar flare that is earth bound … possibly there would be a shadow of truth in the solar storm story … but that is not the point … the point is that NASA’s controlled news spin agency has already primed the pump for the cover story … so everyone is “expecting” the devastating solar storm … and all the possible scenarios are already in print so we have many prior articles to justify the cover story (including as a major effect the collapse of the power grid) … all they need is a solar storm a bit bigger than average and an little more earth directed than average … economic panic hits and … WALLA … you have all the makings of a national crisis … an “ACT OF GOD” … how convenient … pulling the plug on the power grid would be the result of already well planned activity … and no one would be any the wiser … rebuilding the power grid would take on a national priority and Obama (new world order puppet president) would get his wish of building the new “smart grid” that would control your every movement … energy and its use would become highly controlled … you could not pump a drop of gas without a permit … get the picture ??? need i say more ??? when will this happen … first of all understand that all of the elements are well in place … secondly … the NASA announcement would not come too far ahead of the actual event since everyone would have forgotten it by the time the event hit (they have to give it a little time so it does not look to fishy) … thirdly … the economy is literally on the verge of collapse and social unrest is hitting its peak (i am sure computer models of society have been studied for years to know exactly the correct time to pull the plug) … we already know it will happen at a time when the children will be in school … a sure way to control the middle class american families is to control the parents coming to pick up the kids (all for your safety of course) … yes all of the factors are in place … and lastly what about a cover story to handle the “alternative” crowd of americans who are waking up to many factors of life … well here comes the well fabricated “comet elenin” story with its laundry list of dates of alignments and sure earth destruction (with the litany of phony attempts to alter and use my electrical nature of the solar system concepts and give legitimacy to certain “dates” when there is no legitimacy to any of those dates relative to earth effects) … remember that the elite in the secret satanic rituals use numerology and astrological dating to pre-determine dates of “events” that they consider sacred … i have always known that the comet elenin BS was integrally related to these types of activities and clearly meant to deceive the alternative thinking crowd … so what do the indicators tell me ??? you should be able to come to your own conclusions … these are complex topics … but people who have followed my work know and understand what i am saying … ONLY A FULL SCALE POWER OUTAGE COULD REALLY COMPLETE THE AIM OF TAKING DOWN AND CONTROLLING FROM SHORE TO SHORE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND PUT THE FINAL BLOW TO A COUNTRY ALREADY ON ITS KNEES … and just remember the scenario has its cover story already well in place … a massive solar storm predicted by NASA that will come in the next solar cycle sure to take down the power grid … now that NASA is a space agency with no ability to go into space … it appears they have a new charter … jim mccanney 


Comment from Krossbeem: Exactly 40 years ago, on August 15, 1971, President Nixon closed the “gold window” and gold was revalued from $35 per ounce to the then London market value of $42 per ounce. Gold has long since soared and continues to climb. If and when the US government “recalculates” the price of gold, it will probably be reset at around $7,000.00 per troy ounce as opined by Jim Rickards in a recent interview by Eric King at My guess is that gold will be re-priced, the stock market will crash, then the “solar flare” will hit just after the insiders have cashed out their positions, i.e, cashed out of the stock market and settled their their gold futures positions in the seconds following the government mandated re-valuation of gold to $7,000.00 per troy ounce.                          …What’cha wanna bet?

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