Theater of the absurd

Raise the debt ceiling?

Give me a break.

This circus is meaningless, all they have done is delay the inevitable and ensure that the coming collapse of the UNITED STATES will be much worse. Make no mistake, nothing took place over the past 30 days that was not mostly planned. The seeming brinkmanship is carefully contrived to provide cover and obfuscation using the emotional turmoil, ignorance, and stupidity of the American people to create executive privilege to ultimately create a dictatorship. This country, as we know it, will be destroyed … period. People that sit around and spew rhetoric from one side of the aisle or the other just don’t get it. They won’t get it as they are marched into the pit. They may finally have a clue as their executioner raises his rifle, but, not before. People are just stupid animals for the most part. They only pay attention when their comfort is endangered. Conform, consume, die is the checklist for life for the vast majority of Americans. Maybe five percent have awakened. They get it. They know what the Rothschild machine has in store for America.



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