Is it just me, or is the End Game upon us?

There are no good jobs left, at least none that I can find.  What is the actual unemployment rate? Who knows? My guess is at least 25%.

When are people going to wake up? This country is being destroyed, by design. Barky, Biden, the Bush clan, the Clintons, Cheney, Kerry, McCain, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid etc., are not your government, they are bought-and-paid-for circus animals hired for your amusement, nothing more.

If one thinks the Republicans can save them, or that the Democrats can save them, then take this mental image to heart: The Republican leaders and the Democratic leaders sitting at a huge conference table receiving their daily orders from the same paymaster. Politicians are nothing but vile perverted criminal psychopaths that are as expendable to the Rothschilds and other global elite as an empty plastic water bottle. Of course, there are a few exceptions.

The bombing in Oslo is a pure staged false flag event. One purpose of such attacks is diversion. But, diversion from what? Why Oslo, Norway?

Gold and silver are set once again to soar. The COMEX can pull just so many tricks out of their hat before the market will finally win out, especially with the new Pan-Asian Exchange now dealing in gold and silver. Even if the COMEX increases margin requirements on silver again it will not stop the upward trend. The naked shorts will eventually get caught in a wicked short squeeze and be decimated. The smart money has probably positioned themselves for this eventuality. The smart money has also figured out that the big commercial banks are insolvent, … insolvent by design. When the big banks start to fail, when your credit cards and ATM cards cease to work, and when the FDIC stops taking your calls, and when China and Japan start dumping United States Treasury Securities en masse, as the dollar plummets into the void, then that will be the time to grab your bug-out bag and head for the hills. You don’t want to get caught in major metropolitan area when the shit hits the fan.


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