Time is short

My guess is that this house of cards we call the UNITED STATES will begin to unravel before the end of Summer 2011. No matter what is done regarding the US debt and debt ceiling, it will NEVER be paid off, and the so-called government will either default or wipe out the debt via hyperinflation. Note how the government never discusses actually paying down the principal, they only bitch about borrowing enough to only pay the interest on the National Public debt, but they never, never, never discuss how the government is to actually pay off the fucking debt. Either way, the U.S. Dollar fiat currency system will become worthless and one’s purchasing power will decline by 90 percent or more overnight. Even Gerald Celente is warning of an impending “bank holiday” and “economic martial law.” I am amazed that this pile of dog shit called our government has not already imploded with a mind-controlled zombie puppet such as Barky H. O blah blah ostensibly at the helm. But, of course, the Rothshcilds, the Windors, the Rockefellars, etc., are the puppet masters. We all know this. Anyway, watch for civil unrest when the banks start to limit withdrawals and the Gestapo (TSA) start sexually assaulting people on the streets. This is coming folks, and you had better wake the fuck up !


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