Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50? ……………………… by Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?


Feet to the Fire Live Show (hour 3 & 4):



EXCERPT:  I would expect with 14 years of advancement that these technologies could now trigger devastating earthquakes in non-seismic zones. Bejamin Fulford, an experienced Journalist with a long history and a paid access site, is predicting that the floods along the Mississippi are in fact caused by Haarp, which will then be followed by a manmade earthquake along the New Madrid fault, and then a subsequent attack at 15 reactors in the nation’s agricultural heartland. If this is so, it will make Fukushima look like a cake walk. I myself have verified that the Siemens SCADA system Stuxnet targets has been used to replace the old control systems at a majority of American nuclear facilities. It is therefore important for people to SPREAD THE WORD. They have already started with the flooding, which is phase 1. Phase 2 will be the earthquake, destroying levees and totally unleashing the raging Mississippi. Phase 3 will be a virus attack at nuclear facilities. THE ELITE ARE COWARDS. IF THE WORD IS SPREAD SUFFICIENTLY, THEY WILL NOT DARE TO PROCEED TO PHASE 2 AND 3, Mold grows best in the dark.


Comment from krossbeem:

Their plan is now starting to unfold. If Jim Stone in correct in his assessment, the USA is already in the Phase I flooding stage of the takedown. My guess is that the upcoming planned artificially induced massive New Madrid earthquake will occur at any time from now until September. The earthquake and subsequent massive new flooding will be the excuse to cover the sabotage of nuke plants all throughout the heartland, not just TVA’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Reactor in Alabama.

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