Perfect Storm

Way back in 1999, I began warning co-workers of the impending doom to be caused by the Federal Reserve System. For the most part, people were just too busy to be bothered with such tripe. They had families, children, mortgages, deadlines, what they refer to as “lives.” Well, since I had no life (I had a mortgage, but no children), I was free to speculate, free to inquire, free to investigate. It didn’t take long for my employer to dispense with me. Oh well.

Now, here we are, 12 years later and the National Public Debt is $14.3 Trillion compared with the GDP of the United States of $14.7 Trillion in 2010. Not only that, unfunded liabilities are estimated at well over $100 Trillion and growing: This estimate is based on the maturing population, especially baby boomers, that will require Medicare, Medicaid, and of course, Social Security and various other “entitlements.” The SS trust by the way, is nothing more than a lock box stuffed full of IOUs. So, all we have today is just “transfer” payments, i.e., money comes in, and then it is immediately paid out. Add to this the fact that 40 percent of Government spending is facilitated by borrowing. Without the Federal Reserve purchasing at least 70% of new United States Treasury Debt issues, there would be no Federal Government spending, the Federal Government would finally cease, or so one would suspect.  And, to add insult to injury, our country has exported huge portions of our manufacturing base, and associated tax base, to Communist China (a devout enemy sworn to our destruction, or at the very least, subjugation), India, Brazil, Mexico, etc. Even General Motors is now a communist-loving refugee living in China. But, let’s not blame China alone, let us not forget that it was the international Rothschild and Rockefeller, et. al., banksters that were the architects of our demise. These people are ultimately Satan worshipers of the worst caliber. These people are psychopaths and sociopaths, they are PURE FUCKING EVIL. When are the idiot Americans going to wake up? I don’t think they can. Most Americans are nothing more than drooling, entertainment-infatuated, consumer zombies that will be willingly led into a pit and executed; that is, after they tidy up the pit first, and then thank their executioner … several times.

* Hyperinfation can destroy a country as quickly as war:

* A perfect storm of economic destruction is rapidly approaching. The people will perish for lack of knowledge. If Barky’s handlers attack Pakistan, and China makes good on its threat, then all HELL will break loose and we could very easily witness world war three erupt. Webster Tarpley posted an excellent article on his main page on 20-May-2011:

US, Pakistan Near Open War; Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack


… Also, an interesting interview of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by Max Keiser on PressTV was posted on 21-May-2011 on It is well worth watching:






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