Obama Gives ‘Sacrifice’ To Ancient ‘Sun God’ Of Mound Builders

Well, this Sorcha Faal storyline reads better than X-Files.

Sacrificing the Mississippi River Basin which has
the richest farmland in the world in order to “save the cities” makes
absolutely no sense whatsoever. This flooding is intentional and not even
necessary to save the cities regardless of what the fucking US Army Corp of
Engineers says. This is what I have felt all along about this flood.
The opening of the Morganza spillway and other
spillways, and the demonlitions of certain levees, etc, reminded me of the
“authorities” herding the sheeple into the Superdome in New Orleans just before Katrina hit – I knew then as I watched on TV that this was some sort of Satanic sacrifice. The flooding of the Mississippi River Basin will be a 1000 times worse.

This evil insanity will cause massive food shortages, famine, and death.

This is genocide, plain and simple.

Obama Gives ‘Sacrifice’ To Ancient ‘Sun God’ Of Mound Builders



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