Richard Russell – The Great Gold Tsunami Lies Ahead

April 22, 2011



… Yep, this is perhaps the last chance to buy silver at below $50 and gold
at below $1550.

Prediction: Gold and silver will fucking soar !
As soon as the great masses of idiots populating this earth finally
realize that they’ve been had, then the PANIC BUYING will be like
a feeding frenzy of Great Whites.

Silver will produce greater gains in terms of percentage profit, but gold will be
at the forefront of the chaos.

NOTE: Richard Russell is [essentially] saying this, not me. Of course I am
paraphrasing Mr. Russell, but I don’t think either he or Eric King would disagree
with my artistic interpretation of this particular blog. Richard Russell
is Mr. Credibility and is “the Godfather of newsletter writers.”
Why, at this point is his life would he overstate the situation?

UPDATE:  As of close of trading Friday, even though the US exchanges were closed for Good Friday,  overseas trading pulled silver up to $46.68 per troy ounce.

I believe it was Max Keiser that remarked that the breakout for silver for the “paper shorts” would be $47; after that, watch out !


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