James Turk – Negative US Credit Watch Signals Dollar Collapse

James Turk – Negative US Credit Watch Signals Dollar Collapse

(Eric King at King World News provides excellent snapshots of current market trends related to precious metals. The linked article is a blog post of an interview of James Turk by Eric King)


My comments on Eric King’s new blog post and the recent announcement by S&P that US Treasury debt is crap and our country is headed for economic destruction (well, that’s my interpretation of what S&P said – you have to read between the very fine lines,  so look closely, and ask yourself, why on Earth would S&P make this announcement NOW instead of two years ago when they should have made it?):

The UNITED STATES dollar collapse / destruction seems inevitable. Fiat currencies ALWAYS  fail, it’s that simple. Forget moving “money” here or there to avoid wealth destruction, it won’t save you. Your only real strategy is to start buying stuff you can use or eat.  If you need something to act as “money” then purchase all of the silver coins and silver bullion that you can get your hands on. Flea markets are good places to buy coins, just make sure you know what you’re doing. Do your homework first. Of course gold will work but silver makes more sense – for most people – in my opinion.

It is inevitable that the US Treasury securities market will be destroyed in short-order. Once China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the rest of OPEC, and US investors start dumping US Treasuries en masse, then it will be a mad race to the bottom. Remember: The privately owned, i.e., Rothschild owned, Federal Reserve Bank of New York is now purchasing at least 70% of new US Treasury Debt issues. Pretty soon, it will be 100% since no one else wants this crap. And yes, US Treasury debt is little more than a huge stinking pile of crap baking in the sun. Eventually, The USDX will sink to below 70 and for all intents and purposes have no meaning as the petro-dollar will be no more. The only question is what do the Illuminati have planned to replace the dollar? The “new and improved dollar?” Who knows? Regardless, the cashless control grid / internet “security” control grid will be in place and the American public will begin its descent into tyranny beyond your worst nightmares. Go watch old movies such as THX-1138 or the original version of Rollerball (1975, James Caan) and you may get an idea of what’s ahead for the human race.


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