…. start ….

Those that are unaware are unaware that they are unaware (not sure who originally wrote this piece of philosophy).

Most of us live a life of illusion filled with distactions.  Our lives are little more than conform, consume, die. That’s it. We live in a trance-like state not knowing, or not wanting to know, what the Hell is really going on. Is this how the human species is to end?

I have often wondered what the end-game of the global elite truly is. If they reach their goal, will they finally be happy? Or, will they, in turn, be exterminated by a more powerful “agency” that is manipulating behind the veil? Maybe David Icke is spot-on after all.

REMEMBER: Bought-and-paid-for traitors, mercenaries, and assassins are always liquidated once the goal has been achieved. They would simply be too much of a threat to the Illuminati. Those that serve Satan will be betrayed in the end. He’s Satan, that’s what he does. DUH !!!

….. end …..

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