Now, seriously


Will March 11, 2011 mark a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

My guess is that if the appropriate intelligence operatives are in place, then yes there will in fact be a Day of Rage. But of course, this is all part and parcel of the double-cross of OPEC as outlined by Pastor Lindsey Williams yesterday, 09-March-2011, on the Alex Jones Show, “ ” Actually the good Pastor has been discussing the double cross for several weeks on the Alex Jones Show. The Pastor’s book “The Energy Non-Crisis” is a must read if one wishes to understand that there is an enormous quantity of oil reserves underneath the USA and the oil companies have been sitting on it (pun intended) for over thirty years, … at least.

WHY? … Well, to force the OPEC nations to purchase US Treasury Debt.

… Long story: Kissinger was the salesman, I’ll let you do your own research.

Short version: Once crude oil prices reach at least $150 to perhaps $200 per barrel, the global elite will “suddenly discover” all of this untapped oil in Alaska, and not just ANWR / Prudhoe Bay, I am referring to Gull Island. Also, there is the Williston Basin / Bakken oil fields underneath portions of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Eastern Montana. ALSO, there is, according to Pastor Lindsey Williams, at least 2 Trillion (2000 Billion) barrels of crude oil at about 1000 feet beneath the Rocky Mountains. BTW: I’m not the one saying this, …. Pastor Lindsey Williams is saying this. Once the double-cross is complete, OPEC will cease to exist, the US Dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency, i.e., the petro-Dollar currency, and then the US Treasury Securities Market (Bonds, Notes, T-Bills, etc.) will no longer have value, and then the US Dollar will finally be dead, or more likely, only have about 10 percent of its purchasing power remaining after the destruction of the US Bond market…effectively destroyed … as planned.

What do you y’all think?

I wonder how many software sniffing intelligence agency programs are watching me type this blog in real time? … Every single keystroke.


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